Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas [Full Album]

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Artist : Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Genre : Screamo, Digital Hardcore, Metalcore, Electronicore, Post Hardcore.
Member : So (vo), Minami (key, vo), Taiki (gi 1), Sxun (gi 2), Kei (bs), Tomonori (drm).
Past Member : Mashu (bs) (September 2013).
Biografi : Baca/intip DI SINI.


1. Burn the Disco Floor with Your “2-Step” !!
2. Hey Girl!! Why Not Party Like a Bitch!?
3. Stray in Chaos
4. Love at First Sight
5. Take Me Out!!
6. Interlude
7. My Dear Lady, Will You Dance With me Tonight?
8. Because You Are Here
9. Solitude X’mas
10. Beyond the End
11. Twilight
Download: Dance & Scream.


1. Acceleration
2. Scream Hard as You Can
3. Crossover
4. How Old You are Never Forget Your Dream
5. Interlude I
6. Just Awake
7. Defeat and Beat
8. In the End, the Choice is All Yours
9. Ley-Line
10. Interlude II
11. Don't Suffer Alone
Download: All That We Have Now.

3. PHASE 2

1. Are You Ready to Blast Off?
2. Rave-up Tonight
3. Swing It!!
4. Thunderclap
5. Interlude
6. Virtue and Vice
7. Nail the Shit Down
8. Rain Inside Your Eyes
9. Counterattack by the Sesame Sized Bodies
10. Flutter of Cherry Blossom
11. Stay as Who You Are
Download: PHASE 2.

4. NEXTREME (Mini Album)

1. Chase the Light
2. Jump Around
3. The Answer for Unequal World
4. Shake Your Body
5. Believe Yourself
6. Interlude
7. Short But Seems Long, Time of Our Life
Download: Nextreme.
5. Feeling of Unity

01. Cast Your Shell.mp3
02. Meaning of Existence.mp3
03. Escape from the Loop.mp3
04. Starburst.mp3
05. Interlude.mp3
06. Party Boys.mp3
07. Gratitude.mp3
08. Ignite Your Frail Mind.mp3
09. The Demon Called Careless.mp3
10. Let Me Hear.mp3
11. Journey to Aim High.mp3
Download: Feeling of Unity
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